L’ultimo Giorno a Montepulciano

This morning I am blogging to distract myself from travel anxiety. We soon drive to Chiusi, return rental car, catch train to Rome, then another train to the airport, and then I make a tight flight. I have prayed to La Madonna del Buon Viaggio, who presides over San Biagio, so now it’s out of my control.

Our class was really fun this week. Costanza had to work in Heike’s place at the front desk, so we had another teacher: Gaia. She is lovely, kind, patient, e tranquilla. We also had Cinzia again who is very vivace and extroverted. Both encouraged us to talk, and Dilah was great about keeping the chiachiarrare going. I told Barbara she is mia figlia italiana (Italian daughter), and she kindly said I was her sorella (sister).

La nostra classe: Dilah, me, Barbara, Guido

Gaia and me with my intermedio certificate

After lunch we made the most of our little car again. This time we drove thirty minutes to Bagni San Filippo, some other free hot springs that mingle with a stream in the woods. The giant calcium formation is called the balena bianca or white whale, and it really does seem like one. The water was fun and relaxing. I found my own private little natural hot tub.

La balena bianca

Judi in the warm shower

Sandra and I chose to eat again at our favorite restaurant, Osteria del Borgo, nella terrazza. We had a wonderful la ultima cena in Italia with a tramonto (sunset). Later we walked to Piazza San Francesco and saw Judi at the wine bar. She took us for our first gelato in Montepulciano, and the other Vincenzo, very cute, was the gelataio and remembered me warmly. I then called Barbara to meet me and brought her by. Vincenzo asked if I was public relations! Barbara and I walked around, and she showed me her huge apartment. It’s in the old quarter of town and is ancient, full of hidden nooks and crannies and layers of reconstruction. I even discovered a door that led to another floor with another bedroom she didn’t even know was there! Barbara is here on a borsa di studio or study grant, and it included her apartment. We all said arrivederci. Sad to leave but happy to soon be meeting my friends in Croatia for another adventure.

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I'm a reader, writer, swimmer, and school librarian. I love my summers so I can travel.
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8 Responses to L’ultimo Giorno a Montepulciano

  1. sandra062013 says:

    Love your description of your last day at Il Sasso, and the part of the day that we shared at Bagni di San Filippo and the rest of the evening. Thanks again for inviting me to join you on this wonderful journey! To think I even hesitated….

  2. jmkennon says:

    Wow—sounds and looks like your last day in Italy was perfect! I hope your travels went smoothly, and that you are having a great time in Croatia. Where all are you going? We went to Split last October and loved it.

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