Arrivederci, Italia!

I’m at the airport and don’t have a lot of time, so I’m going to load some photos while I have wifi.

I had this strong feeling of sadness and nostalgia as I walked around Trastevere this morning. I don’t understand what it is about this country, but it fills my heart. Yesterday was funny because two Italian men tried to pick me up. One helped me with my troppo pesante bagaglio in treno. We started talking all in Italian, and he laughed and corrected my mistakes, then asked me for coffee. When I said no, he insisted on giving me his name and number so I will call him next time I’m here. The other older gentleman, Mauro, struck up a conversation with me near the Trevi Fountain. He accompanied me all around Rome last night, from the Trevi Fountian to Piazza Colonna, the Pantheon, Piazza Navona, Campo dei Fiori, Piazza Farnese, but I told him I had to tell him goodbye at the Ponte Sisto. He was very polite, and it was enjoyable visiting with him in Italian. I think they find it unusual to hear an American trying to speak their language. They seem to find my mistakes “charming.” Who knows? Or maybe it’s just that they find it strange for a woman to be alone.

One thing I haven’t been doing much at all is eating at restaurants da sola. I don’t mind it at home, but here it makes me feel rather sad and lonely. So most of my dinners I fixed at home in my apartment, and of course I had great meals when I went out with my classmates and Maria. Sandra, I didn’t even make it to my favorite restaurant, La Pentolaccia. I didn’t even stop in to visit with Cristina. Oh well, la prossima volta.

Voglio tornare l’anno prossimo con tutta la mia famiglia. I want to return next year with all my family. I’d love to take two weeks of classes at Il Sasso, and this time I’m going to study more at home before I leave so I can be in the alta classe and impress my teachers.

My friend of a week last summer, Sara di Czech Republic, or piccola Sara, as we called her in class, arrives in Montepulciano for a week of classes today. Europeans don’t have Spring Break but a week off for Pasqua (Easter), which is why so many people were wandering around Rome last night. Also, because Fabrizia said the weather has been terrible here as well. I gave piccola Sara Remigio’s contact info because he’s so friendly and charges less as a driver. I hope she sends photos so I can vicariously enjoy her trip. I will be envious because she’ll be intermedio again.

I’m flying 11 hours to Atlanta soon, then on to Austin. I’ll get in around 9 pm and am going to work tomorrow! I hope I can sleep on the plane.

Ciao, tutti! Arrivederci. Grazie per hanno letto il blog.


Santa Cecilia in Trastevere


Check out this organist! Che medievale!



Santa Cecilia di Trastevere


Piazza Navona


My “guide” ieri sera, Mauro, told me what this is, but I’ve forgotten.



For Palm Sunday they use olive branches



Palazzo Farnese


Even the receipts are bello in Italia


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4 Responses to Arrivederci, Italia!

  1. jmkennon says:

    Absolutely stunning photos! Sara, thanks so much for taking all of us along on your journey. It has been fun and enlightening—also, envy inducing—Montepulciano is a magical place, and you have managed to capture that in every posting. Your gentlemen friends—I can totally see how they would be drawn to you—you are so friendly, and you draw people to you. I hope you were able to let them down easily…….Ciao Italia for now……can’t wait til next year when the whole family comes with you! Thanks again! PS—I cannot believe you are going to work tomorrow!!!!!

  2. Lucian Childs says:

    Safe travels home. Looks like it was another wonderful Italian experience.

  3. ssteven2 says:

    HA ha! I can’t believe it either! I’m slowly moving through security again here in Atlanta. 🤞 make my connection! Thank you for reading the blog and for your encouragement comments! We miss you!

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