Lunedì in due lingue

Va bene, I will write in both languages.

Oggi era il primo giorno ho avuto un conversazione in inglese in otto giorni. Today is the first day in eight days that I have had a conversation in English. All I could think was how fast I was talking. Unlike the other students who speak English, Bobby, the new student, began to chat it up in English during the pausa. He works in private equity and is living here with his wife and two children, ages nine and eleven. He’s from Portland, so he approved of Austin, naturally.

Oggi e freddo e piove. Mi manca il sole. Today is cold, and it rains. I miss the sun. Questo pomeriggio abbiamo visto un film, Il Nuovo Cinema Paradiso, con sottotitoli in italiano. We watched The New Cinema Paradiso with Italian subtitles. The subtitles helped so much in my understanding this time. Such a beautiful, nostalgic movie.

Dopo il film, ho visto un tramonto da la finestra. Non lo so la città sopra la collina, ma domani chiederò. (Più tardi: la città è Castiglione del Lago, dove Eleanora viva). After the film, I saw a sunset from the window. I don’t know the town over the hill, but tomorrow I will ask. Quindi ho comprato dieci bottiglie di aceto balsamico per Ricardo. È stato interessante assaggiare i due tipi aceti. Naturalmente, preferisco il aceto più caro. Then I bought ten bottles of balsamic vinegar for Richard. It was interesting to taste the two types. Naturally, I preferred the more expensive one.

I don’t know where the time goes. It’s 8 pm, and I haven’t done my homework for tomorrow. At least snow is no longer forecast, and Thursday will be cold but sunny for our hike to Montefollonico.

Questa mattina, Vincenzo ha portato i suoi nuovi occhiali. Ho detto: sembri molto intelligente. Vincenzo comencia cantare “Sara” di Venditti quando entro Caffe Poliziano. This morning Vincenzo wore his new glasses, and I told him he looked very intelligent. Vincenzo begins to sing “Sara” by Vendetti when I enter Caffe Poliziano and then plays it on the sound system.


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I'm a reader, writer, swimmer, and school librarian. I love my summers so I can travel.
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2 Responses to Lunedì in due lingue

  1. jmkennon says:

    Sara, mi piache molto la tua descrizone di Bobby…..interessante. Cinema Paradiso e un film bellissimo! Perfetto per un classe di italiano. I am having a terrible time tonight trying to put my words into Italian! I have been working on a project where I have to explain the emotions behind emojis, so I have been thinking very hard about descriptive words in English this evening. It has completely stifled my Italian! And, you my friend, seem to be feeling much more comfortable using your Italian than your English. Isn’t that something? Your baristas are pretty cute, and they both look good in their glasses. Richard is one lucky guy to have you purchasing his aceto balsamico!

    • ssteven2 says:

      Davvero. In questo paese sono una pazza! In this country I am crazy. I feel more open and generous, even though the weather sucks. Non c’è importante. So interesting you have work as an emoji translator! So cool. How long do you and Steve plan to stay in Zurich? Mi manchi!

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