Giorno due a Firenze

Oggi è molto freddo e piove! Sono bagnata. Today is very cold, and it’s rainy. I’m soaked, or my boots are. Still, it’s a good day.

Questa mattina faccio una passeggiata al San Miniato, my favorite little church that overlooks all of Florence. Quindi, ho fatto spese (went shopping) vicino a Santa Croce. Poi sono andata alla Messa a Santa Croce. Era molto freddo! I had to wear my hood and gloves during Mass. Still, it was worth it with a pew view of Giotto’s frescoes.

Devo andare al treno. It’s ten degrees colder in Montepulciano. Snow is forecast for Wednesday! See cold wet boots below.


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I'm a reader, writer, swimmer, and school librarian. I love my summers so I can travel.
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1 Response to Giorno due a Firenze

  1. jmkennon says:

    La chiesa e spettacolare! Povera te, con gli stivali bagnati! I guess they don’t heat churches in Europe—we experienced the same thing in Paris. We went to Notre Dame for a classical music performance on a very very cold night, and had to keep coats, hats and gloves on the entire time. I can’t imagine how the people officiating the service can even conduct it!

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