Il Podere Il Casale

Il Sasso is the perfect school for extroverts traveling da sola because they have excursions planned every afternoon after classes if enough people sign up. Today Andrea, Pablo, and I went to this organic farm nearby that Maria took me to last summer: Podere Il Casale. Several weeks ago it was written up in the Sunday New York Times Travel section. Paolo, our taxi driver, took us over le strade bianche (white roads) to the farm on a bluff with 180 degrees of a bella vista panoramica. The views were breathtaking, especially with the rain storm only over Pienza. 64479049-0037-481A-A4CE-DDAE6BD847EF9C646181-CA5A-4AF0-9DA2-94DE94F1FED44772099F-DE0A-4B3E-9CB9-9710A7454E806A241307-656D-4E71-B289-DE00C06804FAThe Swiss family moved to Il Podere Il Casale in 1991 and became the first organic farm in the region. Since 2004, the whole Val d’Orcia has become an UNESCO heritage sight in order to preserve the pristine quality of the landscape and its buildings. Fifty years ago this part of Italy was impoverished but has since been brought back to life. This Swiss family raised five sons here. The second son gave us a tour of the farm, and his mother is a wonderful hostess. After our tour we had a cheese tasting. The fresh ricotta cheese is amazing. Newsflash: ricotta means recooked in Italian. It comes from the whey. I am having some for dinner. Here are some photos:


Un agnello


Milking the sheep


Le capre


Il Degustazione di Formaggio



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7 Responses to Il Podere Il Casale

  1. We visited il Casale with a group from Agristurismo Cretaiole and finished up with a wonderful pizza lunch in the garden overlooking that outstanding view. I’m so glad you got to visit it for a second time in cooler weather.

    • ssteven2 says:

      True, but you were so smart to come in April (not that I had that flexibility). Andro in pensione in diciembre! It’s going to rain for the next five straight days. I tried to find a place to go this weekend to escape it, but it was not to be. Still, I’m going to Florence Saturday morning and staying overnight. Even if I get soaked, I can dry my boots on the radiator.

  2. sandra062013 says:

    Wonderful photos! I love the one of the rain over Pienza, very atmospheric and beautiful. And the first photo of the sheep is great. The fireplace is amazing with the carved animals! So cool! I want to go there next time we come…..

    • ssteven2 says:

      Sarai e presto! Montepulciano e una luogo del tuo cuore. Anche per Kurt. Oggi e molto freddo e un giorno di pioggia. E ventoso! Un buon giorno per la scuola cucinare.

  3. jmkennon says:

    Gorgeous photos of the landscape and the incoming rain! I love all the photos of the sheep too! Looks like a very nice excursion. Interesting to me that the family who started the farm is Swiss!

    • ssteven2 says:

      Si, e la famiglia era il primero fare una fattoria biologica (organic). Quale il tempo in Svissera? E anche freddo? Piove molto? Oggi e molto freddo per me, ma in quindici minuti, vado alla classe per cucinare pici e altre cose. Rimanero vicino a forno!

  4. jmkennon says:

    Molto interresante—la familia Suisse. E, che buono la prima fattoria biologica. Il tempo qui e molto freddo, con neve, anche piove, pero la settimana scorso, il tempo e piu caldo. Si! Rimanero vicino del forno!!!!

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