Martedi Mattina

Yesterday afternoon I met three of my classmates for a tour of the cellar (freezing) and a wine tasting at Cantina Crociani. The wine is delicious and reasonably priced, although I didn’t buy any because Maria left a bottle as a gift on my kitchen table. I decided I needed to eat something besides pasta, so I went to a little restaurant close by, Osteria del Conte. Jack, Richard, and I ate there in 2013. So it was just me with my homework, but I had a glass of Vino Nobile for only 4.50 Euro. I think I am coming down with a cold and sore throat. At first, I thought it was allergies. At any rate, I’m going to the Farmacia during la pausa oggi to get something, plus lots of Kleenex. My energy level is high, and I don’t have a fever, so maybe it’s just my system adjusting to the flora and fauna here. But glorious gift: the sun is out today! All day! I’m skipping  the movie to take advantage of the sunshine by going for una passaggiatta in campagna. Off to class.

Piu tarde. Another good day of class. At first I was disappointed to be repeating the imperfetto, but everyone else in the class was reviewing it also, and Silvia, our afternoon teacher, is wonderful. She makes it fun, and it takes a lot of practice. Bob also hangs out at Caffe Poliziano and knows the baristas there. He reminds me a lot of Patrick McNally, a co-worker. He’s also been to Il Sasso several times. During the second pausa, I ran into Vicenzo who worked at the gelateria last summer. He immediately recognized me. I asked if he was selling gelato in the summer; he said he now sold beer. I ran into the elderly woman who owns the cat I love to pet in the window. We chatted, and I found out the name of the cat: Oliver. He is 13 and very affectionate as is Tony. I also took photos of my favorite alleys now that the sun is out! Today and tomorrow, and the rain again, cloudy Friday, and six solid days of rain after that.


Shrine near Osteria del Conte



La cena con i miei compiti: dinner with my homework at Osteria del Conte


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I'm a reader, writer, swimmer, and school librarian. I love my summers so I can travel.
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4 Responses to Martedi Mattina

  1. We ate at Osteria del Conte several times, and really enjoyed it. And it’s right around the corner! Hope you get some more days of sunshine during your stay!

    • ssteven2 says:

      It’s supposed to snow on Monday! Here they say the weather in March is pazzo! Or crazy! When Melissa and I went to Florence for Spring Break in 2014, we couldn’t have asked for better weather: sunny and cool. But thanks to climate change, even Florence is rainy and cold now. I may take the train up early in the morning and return in the evening Sunday just for a change of pace.

  2. sandra062013 says:

    Loved the photo of your homework and repast. And I forgot to mention in the previous blog post how impressed I was at all you were going to do as a part of your class at Il Sasso – fabulous! I can’t wait for you to return to Austin and make homemade pici and pizza for us, yes!!

  3. jmkennon says:

    Sara, sei una studentessa eccellente e laboriosa! Of course, it’s nice to be able to do your homework with a lovely Italian repast! Definitely inspiring! Very nice photos!

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