Domenica mattina a Trasteverel

Paul will like this post as it’s mainly photos. I really love this part of Rome. I slept 11 hours and woke up in time for 8:30 Mass at Santa Maria de Trastevere, my favorite church in Rome. Purtroppo, because of construction, 8:30 Mass was moved to Sant’ Egidio, a little Baroque church around the corner. Still, it was a lovely small Mass with an African priest and with African nuns who sang the most beautiful hymns at responses, at first I thought it was piped in! I’ll have to research Sant’ Egidio, but he must have been a scholar because his niche altar was lined with books.


San Edigio with book shelf altar.


Santa Maria de Trastevere. I love the sheep!


Santa Maria de Trastevere. Notice Mary sitting next to Christ.

After Mass I wandered along the cobblestone streets. I love walking in Rome senza mappa because I’ve been here so many times. I walked across the Ponte Sisto to my favorite piazzas: Piazza Faranese and Campo dei Fiori. Artichokes are in season, so they are on display everywhere. I also walked through the Jewish Ghetto and stumbled across the Portico of Octavia. What I love about Rome is that you stumble into history everywhere. I also found a church facade with Hebrew inscriptions. I crossed the little island in the Tiber back to Trastevere and home. Now to pack and catch the train.


Santa Maria Trastevere under construction.


Typical trash left over from Saturday night. But never fear. Street cleaner on the way!



View of St. Peter’s Dome from Ponte Sisto


Flowers in Campo dei Fiori


Artichokes (carciofi) in stagione (season)


Building in the Jewish Ghetto


More artichokes


Delights and history everywhere you look!


Cafe in Roman Ghetto


The portico of Octavia in the Roman Ghetto



Church facade in Roman Ghetto. Notice the Hebrew inscription.


Street shrine sighting!  Possible Christmas card?


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I'm a reader, writer, swimmer, and school librarian. I love my summers so I can travel.
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2 Responses to Domenica mattina a Trasteverel

  1. sandra062013 says:

    You did it! You made me want to come to Rome! If I could have you as a guide I think I might not be overwhelmed. And if you make me want to come in the winter, imagine how I would feel in the spring or fall (just not the summer!)?

  2. jmkennon says:

    The mass sounds lovely—the books on the altar would imply that Sant ‘Edigio is a kindred spirit…..Rome and her artichokes are divine!!

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