This is my favorite word in Italian. It’s a little like my favorite word in German: Lebenschmittelgeschaft, which means grocery store. This one, chiachierrarebbero means: they would chit chat. Chiachierrare is a great verb because it sounds like what it means: to chit chat or have light conversation.

Had so much fun last night. I invited the donna, Donna, who is a 50-year-old teacher from Florida, over for a spritz in the garden and then dinner across the street at Gattavecchi. It’s one of my favorite restaurants here, but the family only seems to open up when they feel like it. We had a wonderful meal outside on the terrace, the best pici (local pasta) with funghi I’ve ever had and split a wonderful bottle of their wine. The family also owns a cantina. When we were paying, I saw Maurizio, the son/server we met four years ago. I showed him his picture on my phone from back then, and he couldn’t believe it. It was so fun!

Today I survived two more hours one-on-one with Alberto. I worry he thinks I’m dumb because I keep making so many mistakes. But he’s really funny. He makes me speak SO much and ONLY in Italian. When I get the gender wrong, he motions an O with his fingers for masculine and for femminile, he mimes a woman’s curvy form. When I do get the tense, form, case, verb right, he shakes my hand or gives me a high five. But sometimes I get a brain freeze. It’s really embarrassing.

Okay, so I went to the market after class and then rode the bus to the pool, swam a mile, and rode it back. It’s getting REALLY hot here. I cringe that it will be 99 in Florence on Saturday, and it’s not on a hill, so we won’t get the cool Montepulciano breezes in the morning and evening. Oh well. There are worse things than being in Florence, and we DO have AC! I don’t have it here, but it’s not a problem.

Tonight Maria (owner of the apartments with Giacomo) picked me up for dinner at this lovely Agriturismo, Podere Il Casale, with an amazing view, outside of Montichiello. We had a panoramic view of Pienza, Montechiello, Bagno Vignoni, and another town on another hill. We had a lovely time. Maria is so interesting and loves to talk about the history of the area.

View from Podere il Casale

Maria and I enjoy a cheese plate at Podere Il Casale

Views from Podere Il Casale

Podere Il Casale Agriturismo

Donna with Maurizio

We split the recommended “Fantasia”


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4 Responses to Chiachierrarebbero

  1. sandra062013 says:

    Wow, that Fantasia lives up to its name! What a gluten-fest! I would love it. What is that dark matter in the glass in the middle of the platter, a pate’ of some sort? The photos from the Podere are beautiful! I never tire of them. Yes, I understand how you must have felt while you were at home and I was in Sicily 😉

  2. jmkennon says:

    Sara–the photos are incredible! You must put together a hard copy photo album of your time in Italy throughout the years. I’d buy it!

    I am truly impressed by both you and Alberto–you because you have persevered with your learning of Italian under somewhat challenging circumstances; Alberto because he has taken a wonderful opportunity to teach one on one with you as his student, and it seems, from what you’ve written that he’s more than fulfilled every possible teaching aspiration any educator could have. I think it was a great experience for you both!

    That Fantasia platter……..just WOW! In the photo, it looks massive–I can only imagine what it must look like in person! How delicious and fun!

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