Vela la Pena

Another good Italian expression to go with:  lascia perdere: let go

La dolce far niente: the sweetness of doing nothing

Che cosa hai fatto di bello ieri?: What beautiful thing did you do yesterday?

Vela la pena: worth the pain

So, la mia classe è vela la pena. Today I felt more relaxed and decided to change my inner script from shame in being corrected so often to: Wow! I can speak to an Italian for two hours straight in only Italian. So there! Most of the time we just talked. We started out discussing the film yesterday: Nuovo Cinema Paradiso (in English, it’s just Cinema Paradiso) and how I viewed it differently now that I’m older. Then I started talking about my college friends, and he asked all about the trips we take together, when and why we get together, what we do, about Richard, my children, what they do, what they’re like. He said I can’t call Richard’s hair a ponytail because that’s for women only. D’accordo!  La coda di cavallo!

I still make so many errors, and my pauses must drive him crazy, but he’s very patient. We are working at putting sentences together like a catena or chain. I ended up telling him all about my trip to Slovakia with Don and Paul because Stevenson is un nome falso, and many other things. We also spent time going over my homework. I was supposed to read a letter and answer it in the conditional, the form in which Italians give advice. He said my advice, to take the new job, was only chosen by about 5 % of the students. He also asked me why I kept referring to my age and how old I am. I told him it’s because I’m aware that I’m moving into a new phase or age of my life.

In more news, the Russian girl, Marina (who’s 45 and molto bella) is coming with us to Florence this weekend, so it’s only $100 each for two whole nights in Florence with air conditioning right by the San Lorenzo market. And tonight, Donna, a seventh grade Science teacher in the beginning class, is coming over for a spritz before dinner next door at Gattavecchi. 

Here’s what my notes and homework look like after going over them with Alberto!

I miei compiti!

The view from my classroom. I love the little window poking up. Alberto called it something, but non ho dimenticato.

I never get tired of this view from Piazza del San Francesco


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I'm a reader, writer, swimmer, and school librarian. I love my summers so I can travel.
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4 Responses to Vela la Pena

  1. sandra062013 says:

    I love ‘vela la pena’ – applies to the hassles of traveling as well! Will add it to lascia perdere as a favorite Italian expression. I am so impressed that you can speak for two entire hours in Italian – the thought alone exhausts me. That shows how far you have come! Like Jana, I, too, want to re-view Cinema Paradiso – don’t remember much of the plot, but I do remember that gorgeous soundtrack!

    • ssteven2 says:

      Don’t be too impressed. Many awkward pauses and corrections. When I end a word with “a” instead of “o,” he’ll do hand signals. He will absolutely not let me get away with saying it wrong or with not speaking in complete sentences!

  2. jmkennon says:

    Sara–profound apologies for my silence–things have been just so busy–we did get our stuff, and we’re still unpacking. I had a week where I just did absolutely nothing–I was exhausted from, well the past 6 months, etc. and it just hit me suddenly. But, please know, I have loved reading your blog, seeing your photos, and vacationing, learning, photographing, laughing, speaking, eating vicariously with you all the while.

    I too love your Italian expressions…….not only are they lovely to say and to hear, but they are so relevant. I also really enjoyed reading your notes on the movie. I take notes the same way–marks and all!

    • ssteven2 says:

      Ho dimenticato alcuni ospiti può leggere italiano! Brava! Sono felice tu prendi il tempo per rilassarti. Anche Germania non è molto caldo adesso come Italia!

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