Una Passaggiata da Montepulciano a Montefollonico 

Cominciamo la nostra passaggiata: Sylvia guida

Looking back on Montepulciano, as it must have looked in Middle Ages

I love this view with San Biagio nestled below on the right

Sylvia e Franki

Il nostro gruppo: with Sylvia, Zoe (16), Sarah (Franki)

After following an ancient Roman path, we approach Montefollonico from this back porta

Defensive tower: Montefollonico, unlike MP, never conquered by Florence

Looking down the street through the back gate

La sirena, an old pagan symbol, at the top of a Catholic Church

Sylvia e una guida marviglosa! Spiega l’arte

The window on the left is Romanesque, on the right Gothic. The arch shapes vary along the top, and the figures are: umani, animale, e pianti: tutto vita ‘nel mondo.

This was my path to meet Sandra and Kurt for cena at La Grotta.

Sandra and Kurt at La Grotta: beautiful view of San Biagio as it grew dark, but everyone so quiet, we ended up almost whispering!


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I'm a reader, writer, swimmer, and school librarian. I love my summers so I can travel.
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2 Responses to Una Passaggiata da Montepulciano a Montefollonico 

  1. Jana Kennon says:

    Una bella passeggiata e un gruppo perfetto! I love how everywhere in Italy, you can see the way things were in ancient times–they have such a respect for the past that I feel America does not have.

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