Pecore e la ultima cena con Sandra e Kurt (updated)

Our wonderful picnic with a view of the sheep

Kurt and I survey the view of Cetona

In Cetona centro. Got to wear my coat today!

Yesterday was Sandra and Kurt’s last day. After Lisa (Leisel) and Franki (Sarah) “graduated,” Sandra, Kurt, and I went to a shop in the country to buy cheese to complement our picnic there with lovely views, especially of the sheep in a field next to us. The last video on this post is of the sheep running for their food? If you listen carefully, you can hear the bells they’re wearing. Next we drove to Cetona in the rain. It was cool and rainy, exactly as it was seven years ago when Richard and I visited the sleepy town. Cetona has a lovely, if quiet, piazza, and I’m always interested in the war memorials. These little towns lost so many to both World War I and World War II. They listed those who died in the army and as partisans in separate lists, as well as those who died of injury or illness, in the case of World War I.

When Richard and I were here last, we saw so many cats. Now, the water bottles people leave on their doorsteps are supposed to keep cats from peeing. We saw the same thing in Vernazza in the Cinque Terre. One house, in particular, went overboard with the water bottle technique. It’s not asesthetically pleasing, but maybe it works because we only saw one cat. Cetona is at the base of Mt. Cetona and is much greener than the part of Tuscany we’re staying in.

For Sandra and Kurt’s last night, we had dinner at our favorite place, La Pentolaccia. Sandra and Kurt went to a concert by music students at the Palazzo Ricci beforehand. I snuck in at the end, and the young man playing was amazingly talented. The pieces were all from the Romantic period, and the concert hall was beautiful with paintings all over the ceiling. Cristiana and her sister run La Pentolaccia: Cristiana serves, and her sister is the chef. We ate inside because of the rain, but we had a delicious final meal. Towards the end our host Giacomo came in to eat with a friend. Montepulciano e un piccolo mondo! img_6597


Tanti Auguri a Franki (Sarah)!


e Lisa (Leisel)!


Picnic spot!


We loved watching the sheep (pecore)!


I love this private garden in Cetona.


Shrine in the wall of an old monastery in Cetona


Overkill on bottles for cat pee prevention. This cat doesn’t care.



I love these windows. I made this photo into a Christmas card seven years ago.


Almost all the towns in this region have memorials to their war dead: World War I and World War II.


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6 Responses to Pecore e la ultima cena con Sandra e Kurt (updated)

  1. I’m surprised that the countryside looks so brown. But I’ve never been in Tuscany this late in June. Love the photos, and always so happy to see another blog post.

    • ssteven2 says:

      They’re in a bad drought. It’s rained twice in the two weeks I’ve been here, but not enough to make a difference. Still, we got three beautiful days with highs in the high 60s and 70s only. Heats up by Thursday with highs reaching the low 90s. When I retire, I would like to come here when you did: April or May.

  2. sandra062013 says:

    I love the sheep video; may have to ‘nic’ it for my blog ;-). I should be able to since I suggested you film it, right? ;-). The best part is the bells of the sheep. Glad you documented the plastic water bottle travesty.

    • ssteven2 says:

      Of course! We’re bi-blogging! Steal away. Your photos improved this posting immensely! So excited about the female barrel racing and flag throwing! Would have never known if Maria hadn’t messaged me. : )

  3. Jana Kennon says:

    I love the barrel racing–especially the fact that women are participating! What a nice last day you all had together–I know you will miss Sandra and Kurt. I also enjoyed the sheep video! Their bells sound so nice! Did I tell you that I bought two sheep of my own? The metal kind from Mexico, but before we left, I went to Round Top, and when I saw them, I had to have them–they made me think of Heidi, living with the grandfather in the Swiss Alps and taking his sheep out every day–mine are named Sebastian and Josephine–and I want to get bells for them–even though they won’t be frolicking in the Alps. And, the bottles of water to prevent cat-astrophes–hilarious! Must work though–in Garda, our landlady had them outside all of the apartment doors. We had no idea what they were for–thought maybe they had something in them to keep ants away, but this makes sense now. The landlady has 4 cats! Oops–just realized I combined comments for two of your postings.

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