Il Sasso, la mia scuola

La mia insegnante, Eleanora

Well, I’m getting into the regular life now, and I enjoy it. I love my classes so much. Rather than five hours a day being a chore, the way they structure the classes is perfect. First, we learn and practice new grammar for an hour and a half. Then we have a thirty minute pausa or break. It’s enough time for a cappuccino or to go shopping (fare le spese) or just walk up and down the hill. Then we learn more vocabulary and practice reading and writing for an hour and a half. Next, a fifteen minute pausa followed by only 45 minutes per giocare (play games). We play hangman and Taboo and other games to practice our Italian. So the last part zips by. Then it’s time for lunch and a rest. 

Buy the best and cry only once!

Sandra e Kurt in il nostro giardino


I can never get enough of the views down the little alleys or vicoli. They change constantly with the light. Today was fresco (cool) after many hot days, with un vento forte. Today I invited a new woman in our class, Sara with an H, to come to dinner with us tonight a San Quirico del’ Orcia, a little town thirty minutes away. She’s 28, worked for a nonprofit but is now on sabbatical because her job was too stressful. I think she’s taking one of those Eat, Pray, Love adventures. She studied Italian eight years ago in Florence and has just joined our class. She’s a bit introverted, so I was delighted she accepted our invitation. Like Sandra and Kurt’s daughter, Ali, she is studying to become a sommelier. Ali is studying for level three, and Sarah (whom we call Francesca and then Franki in class, so as not to get confused) is studying for level two.

Another thing I love about my classes is that there have not been more than three students, so it forces me to talk, which is the hardest part for me. It’s really good practice. Also, Eleanora, our only teacher this week, is so good at explaining things. I’m glad I did poorly on my entrance test because it’s given me the opportunity to improve and review concepts I’ve already learned and to practice them.


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1 Response to Il Sasso, la mia scuola

  1. Jana Kennon says:

    Sara–the classes do sound like they are structured perfectly–I am so glad you are so happy. Una amica nuova–Sarà con un H–I can imagine that she was most pleased to be invited to dinner. You make friends so easily and are so nurturing–she is lucky to have met you! It wouldn’t surprise me if meeting you and being in the class with you is an integral part of her Eat, Pray, Love experience! I love also the little alleyways throughout cities in Italy. They seem so mysterious, and then, you walk through, and there is some magical treasure on the other side–un bar, un ristorante piccolo, un fresco bello, some lovely scenery, etc.

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