Arriviamo in Montepulciano 

I have to take my placement test this morning but have so much to say about yesterday and last night. Will post some photos now and fill in later! ​Roberto, our taxi driver, took us to pick up our rental car, and we drove to Orvieto for lunch. Later, in Montepulciano, Sandra and I looked out her apartment window to see this procession celebrating Corpus Domani, a Catholic veneration of the communion host. We just missed a similar celebration when we arrived in Orvieto earlier in the day. Sandra and Kurt welcomed us with an amazing dinner in the giardino! Coniglio (rabbit stew) with polenta and zucchini sliced and marinated. Passagietto con gelato dopo cena.


With Roberto, our taxi driver who thought Donald Trump was like Mussolini

We knew this was a good place for lunch in Orvieto because everyone speaking Italian!

Il Duomo in Orvieto: amazing frescoes by Signorelli! And miracle communion cloth


Our first view of Montepulciano. We are so excited!

Procession for Corpus Domini in Montepulciano

Amazing dinner by Sandra, una cuoca bene!


Coniglio con polenta (rabbit stew)


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I'm a reader, writer, swimmer, and school librarian. I love my summers so I can travel.
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2 Responses to  Arriviamo in Montepulciano 

  1. jmkennon says:

    Il coniglio e polenta è bello! Sandra deve essere uno chef gourmet, si?

    Montepulciano è molto invitante, e il tempo è perfetta!


  2. sandra062013 says:

    Beautiful photos, love the video of the procession! You captured the dinner well, grazie! Love the selfie with the taxi driver! See you in 8 minutes 😉

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