Nel Cielo

Flying above the Mediterranean, I am excited about some quiet time for reflection. So much of travel is living in the present and/or plotting the next step: where to eat, which road to take, where to visit; and the only down time is dominated with the pressure to upload photos and update the blog. 

Wow. We must be over Sardinia now. We flew over Ischia earlier. I can make out the harbors and beaches. 

Travel quotes: 

“Exploration and adventure had obviously become (possibly they always had been) a metaphor for inner exploration and the search for the driving spirit that lurks within each of us.”

              Seasons in Basilicata by David Yeadon

“All the great travel books are love stories, and all good journeys are, like love, about being carried out of yourself and being deposited in the midst of terror and wonder.”

                                                     Pico Iyer

So travel is simultaneously a search within and an escape beyond. 

I am thankful for this lovely trip, its wonders, surprises, joys, challenges, and frustrations. Special thanks to Sandra, my friend, art lover, and expert partner in travel planning, her family, whom I so enjoyed, Kurt, Ali, Karl, and my family, Richard and Caroline, for sharing in this adventure. Thanks especially to Richard for his calm, collected driving. 

It’s been a buon viaggio, un regalo da Dio.    



About ssteven2

I'm a reader, writer, swimmer, and school librarian. I love my summers so I can travel.
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2 Responses to Nel Cielo

  1. jmkennon says:

    Sara–you are safely home by now, but I wanted to tell you that I so enjoyed your musings amongst the clouds. You and all of those intrepid travelers whom you quoted define your journeys so beautifully–you give me pause and thought for my own trip. Thank you for sharing your own trip with all of us loyal blog readers. I have taken so much inspiration from you. Love, Jana

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