Montecchiello e La Foce e Poliziano

What a full day! Sandra and I walked down to Politzian for cappuccini, and then we drove to the grocery store to stock up on basics, salami, cheeses, pesto, etc. Then we walked down to San Biago, which was closed two years ago. Beautiful church.

  We walked up to my favorite spot for views.

 Next we drove about ten miles to Montecchiello. It’s a tiny town with a famous restaurant, La Porta, in the main gate to the town. We had a fabulous lunch. The ravioli with cream sauce and truffle was amazing as was the torino of asparagus. Sandra and Ali had affegato, which is gelato with espresso poured over it while Richard had a chocolate tort. Here are some foodie shots:

Ravioli with truffle

 We wandered around the village and explored the church with its medieval frescoes. I loved this one because it’s a father/ son version of the Madonna and child. Later I discovered it’s Ssint Christopher, the saint who was discredited. When I was in 5th grade, a St. Christopher medal meant you were going steady.

Ail and Caroline in Montecchiello.

Ail and Caroline in Montecchiello.

Next we drove to the gardens of La Foce. Richard and I have been before, but I saw them again and drifted from guide to enjoy the gardens. What’s most amazing is comparing photos of what the area looked like befor Iris Origo and her husband transformed the whole landscape with her fortune.
        Next Ali, Caroline, and I went to Poliziano for a wine tasting at the winery. Jenny Criswell, who wrote the memoir, At Least You’re in Tuscany, was our guide in explaining the wines. We met her two years ago. It was so interesting to try the different wines, and we ended up buying several bottles: maderone di mamera and a Vino Nobile, famous from this region. Jenny said that two weeks ago they had a huge hailstone that destroyed over 60% of the grapes for the Rosso di Montepulciano, their lower end wine. Tomorrow I will do less. Still, a beautiful, happy day.

Dinner at Osteria Aquachetta followed by a sunset.

Butcher at Osteria Aquachetta

Osteria Aquachetta


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One Response to Montecchiello e La Foce e Poliziano

  1. jmkennon says:

    My mouth is watering just looking at the ravioli with those luscious truffle shavings! Oh my! And, your dinner that night–the steak, grill, etc. Yum! I ate at a similar place in Verona 2 summers ago–it was so much fun to watch them grill the steaks–was it a bistecca alla fiorentina that you shared?
    Sara, the gardens are exquisite! I love the photo of the immaculately groomed hedges. Amazing!

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