In Treno

Yea! I FINALLY figured out how to turn off the Italian spell check on this phone. Every English word would turn into something predictive in Italian, so that’s why I’ve been so taciturn. 

This morning we went into Cisternino for cappuccini with a view, wandered around the old town and bought panini for our train ride: three panini made to order with salami, prosciutto, and provolone on cibatte bread for only 3 Euros 80.   

    We thought this monument was, well, funny.  

 We had a smooth drive to Bari to drop off our rental car and are now on a four-hour train ride to Rome on the Frecciargento or silver arrow. Then we’ll pick up another rental car to drive to Montepulciano. Thankful for this rest in a long travel day. Love trains and how they gently rock us to sleep.

Update: We made it to Montepulciano and reunited with the Schmidt Martins! Had a fun dinner together and are looking forward to our week ahead. Siamo molto felice!


About ssteven2

I'm a reader, writer, swimmer, and school librarian. I love my summers so I can travel.
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1 Response to In Treno

  1. jmkennon says:

    I couldn’t make out what the monument was………….so glad you made it to Montepulciano! I love the train too–actually only the Eurpean trains. Amtrak is a very sad imitation.

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