Ieri sera in Matera

After a nice pausa, we went out again, toured the rock church, Madonna di Idris, with similar frescoes, and went to a museum to see how the people lived here up into the 1950s. The cave dwellings included space for donkeys, pigs, and chickens. Children slept in drawers or on straw pallets on dressers. There was only one bed for the parents, no plumbing. They even had photos of the last inhabitants. We went for apertivi at Area 8 bar and made a dinner off the buffet. A DJ played great music, including Dad’s favorite: Simon and Garfunkel. So many people were out and about this evening as it was a Friday, and there was a fair of local products. Richard bought some Mostra and olive oil. Late morning today we drive through Alberobello to Cisternino. Can’t wait to see all the trulli (medieval, beehive rock structures).

Panorama of Matera

Panorama of Matera


A unique wedding gift for Paul and Kim: an olive wood bread stamp with their initials and two wedding rings.

A unique wedding gift for Paul and Kim: an olive wood bread stamp with their initials and two wedding rings.


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4 Responses to Ieri sera in Matera

  1. sandra062013 says:

    Again, wonderful photos. Ali and I loved the one of the three of you in someone’s workshop? What kind of workshop is it? Bet Richard loved it. Tell Richard S&G is one of my favorites as well. Look forward to sampling some of his olive oil in Montepulciano! JK, wouldn’t want to open it before we return. We bought a small olive oil and a balsamic vinegar spritzer (very convenient!) for our picnics. Can’t have delicious tomatoes or a Caprese salad without them, right?

  2. jmkennon says:

    Fascinating–especially considering that people lived in the cave dwellings so recently. I too am intrigued with the wood worker and his workshop–you will have to tell us later! What is Mostra?

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