Troppo gelati?

That’s the caption for this statue in the Boboli gardens.

Today is colder. This morning we walked all around the Boboli Gardens behind the Pitti Palace. Here are a few amusing statues:

Caption: “The Faceless Man with his Two Faceless Dogs”

Caption: “Only Looks Like I’m Peeing”

Caption: “The Constant Bidet”
Here’s another bizarre composite:

Possible caption: “Bathtime!”
So we enjoyed our morning in the gardens and then walked over to the San Lorenzo market. Walking by the leather stalls, a man says, “Bello colore!” as we walked by. He was talking about my jacket, so I went back and explained (in Italian) that I’d bought it here yesterday. He took my sleeve and where I’d zipped it up, he unzipped it and folded up the sleeve so that the brown leather showed underneath. Next he switched his concern to Melissa who needed a leather jacket also. Great salespeople, these Italians.
For lunch, Richard, we went back to Pelle d’ Oro (Balls of Gold), the traditional family trattoria that’s been here for generations. We ate there twice in the summer of 2010 and loved their panzenella. Apparently, that’s only a summer dish, so we split crostine di fraggioli (beans) and then I had a hardy bean soup with macaroni in it, and Melissa had riso di mare. Afterwards we walked around Mercato Centrale and bought some pesto and pasta to eat in again tonight after our big lunch.
Today’s language lesson: Our waiter at Pelle d’Oro showed us the photo of his great nonno (great grandfather) on the wall with other men standing in front of a huge load of straw-covered wine bottles. The sign read: Fiaschetteria di Pelle d’Oro. I asked what the first word meant, and he answered, “un fiascho,” or flask. His great grandfather sold wine flasks. But when he said “fiasco,” it reminded me of the origin of the word. If you drink a whole fiascho, you create a fiasco! Fascinating.


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3 Responses to Troppo gelati?

  1. sandra062013 says:

    Loved the captions on the Boboli garden sculptures, hilarious! And thanks for faithfully recording your meals for your foodie followers 😉 love, Sandra

  2. Jana Kennon says:

    The statues are amazing, and those Italians certainly show their sense of humor in the captions! Very amusing. Your lunch sounds delicious—I am intrigued with the name of the restaurant–Balls of Gold??? And, so nice that you can eat in your apt. Must be fun shopping for food.

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