Siamo andate a Firenze! Oggi e un bello giorno!

Here’s our room with a view. Actually, the first few photos are of our hotel in Rome and the piazza by it. You just can’t capture the view with a camera. We are on the Ponte Vecchio! There’s a little window beneath our dining table through which you can watch the people walking by on the medieval bridge! The Mannelli family would not let the Vasari build his corridor through their tower, and so the Vasari corridor wraps around our tower, held up by brackets. There’s a super mercato across the street, and we’ve stocked up on some groceries.






Here are two exterior views of the Torre Mannelli, our home in Florence.




About ssteven2

I'm a reader, writer, swimmer, and school librarian. I love my summers so I can travel.
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4 Responses to Siamo andate a Firenze! Oggi e un bello giorno!

  1. Jana Kennon says:

    Sara–it’s all just beautiful! How do you find these wonderful places to stay at such amazing rates? You’re a genius! Love that there’s a regatta going on just outside your window. I want to hear more about your dinner at the tiny restaurant!! Have a wonderful time, and thanks for sharing everything. Love, Jana
    PS–Looks like it might be a bit chilly there right now? I was curious about the weather.

  2. ssteven2 says:

    You and Steve need to try coming here off season. Airfare $500 less and great deals! Plus, not hot! Will post photos from Al Tranvai soon.
    Love, Sara

  3. acqueen2012 says:

    I am so envious I cannot stand it!!

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