Oggi andiamo a Orvieto e Ostia Antica updated!

We leave soon, but will stop in my second favorite hill town, Orvieto, on the way. Not much to do in Ostia Antica but to visit the ancient Roman port, which we will do tomorrow. Oh, L’Oca, the goose contrada, won the Palio. From the photos, it looked like the Pantera horse lost its rider again! Oca won when we were in Sienna in 2007 and also two years ago. From the photos, it looked like an exciting race!


Well, we made it! We had a lovely lunch and lingered in Orvieto. I love returning to a place I’ve been to because I know where to park, where to turn, where to go, and don’t need a map. We had lunch at a place off the Corso called Trattoria da Carlo, and we met Carlo, the chef. I love how in Italian restaurants, the chef comes out to meet you and see if you like the food. I almost took a picture of my eggplant and tomato parmesan, but Richard doesn’t like pictures of food. Jack had never been to Orvieto, so when we approached the Duomo, he said, “Holy cow! It’s HUGE!” for such a small town. Actually, Orvieto is a lot bigger than Montepulciano. The first photos are of Orvieto, and the last three are from my morning goodbye walk in Montepulciano.











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3 Responses to Oggi andiamo a Orvieto e Ostia Antica updated!

  1. Jana Kennon says:

    The race photos are great–you really did have a front row seat. Fascinating how the one jockey is actually trying to hold back the other horse–looks like the race is kind of a “no holes barred” event. Is it dangerous? I like that they ride bareback too. All of this would never fly here at our horse races–so orchestrated and rule driven. I know it’s for safety for horses and riders, but sometimes it’s nice to see that a horse can sort of just go with the wind!
    Love the photos of Orvieto–where was the tile? Just in a wall? So amazing how art is just everywhere! And, the bowls on the grass mats with flowers–a shrine of some sort or offering? Water for dogs?
    You have incredible memories to bring home with you from Montepulchiano….

    Safe travels my friend, and thanks for everything you’ve shared with us! It’s been divine!

    • ssteven2 says:

      The photos of the winning Palio I took off the Internet! I wish I had been there with that vantage point. Still, at the trial we watched, the Pantera rider fell or was thrown off his brown horse, and you can see a riderless brown horse in one of the photos, so I think it’s Pantera. I just find the whole idea of contrade or neighborhood loyalties fascinating. We also found a book where it explained each contrada’s official enemy! Only a few, such as the catepillar, have no official enemies. The enmities must go back hundreds of years. Jack was totally into it!

    • ssteven2 says:

      Yes, the sign says it is a restaurant for dogs and cats. Free!

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