L’ultimo giorno in Montepulciano update with photo of our very own shrine!

Richard has decided he wants to built me a shrine in our backyard because, as you can tell, I’m so taken with street shrines. But, we needed a focal point. Richard found a beautiful old ceramic, bas relief plaque of the madonna and child at an antique store. I told Maria, the owner of our apartment, and she said, “Yes, Italians love our madonnas.” She also taught me the Italian for street shrine, and I can only remember the first part: bassorilievo. It means bas relief. I wish I’d taken a photo of it before the owner wrapped it up. Now Richard has wandered off looking for gifts for Beck and Wyatt. Jack said, “What kind of gift can you get a kid in a wine town?” We want to go to a nearby pool. We made reservations at my favorite restaurant tonight, La Pentolaccia. The Salmone al Forno is the best salmon I’ve ever had.
Later…. today is the hottest day here, or at least down the hill. It’s cooler up where we are. But it’s only 87! We are in for a shock back home. The pool was great, and Richard and I swam our laps. The pool was longer than I’m used to, and I guess I was a little out of practice. The cost of swimming is high: 7 Euros per person, but we got 10% off with our coupon. Then my letto di bagno was another 2 Euros, and then, when I was going to use the enclosed shower, there was another coin slot, so I just waited until I got home. I then remembered Dad when we were sitting in those green chairs at Versailles, and the guy came up to charge us!
But I am not complaining. We’ve had a nice day. The Italians would say: Il dolce far niente. The sweetness of doing nothing!




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I'm a reader, writer, swimmer, and school librarian. I love my summers so I can travel.
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2 Responses to L’ultimo giorno in Montepulciano update with photo of our very own shrine!

  1. Jana Kennon says:

    Can’t wait to see your shrine–we can all toast with an Aperol Spritz! Richard is very sweet to want to build it for you!

  2. ssteven2 says:

    He loves a project! But you’re right. He knows I’m obsessed with Italian shrines. And yes, toasts with Aperol Spritz! A key thing about speaking Italian (embarrased this just now really soaked in): You pronounce every vowel, every word ends in a vowel, and the vowels NEVER change. Also, if a c is followed by i or e, it’s pronounced ch. If followed by a, o, or u, it’s the c sound. Just learn how Italians pronouce a, e, i, o, u. For instance, it’s Spreetz, or that’s how we would spell it. : )

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