Questa sera

This evening we climbed the town hall and had great views of Piazza Grande. I love how you can see the outline of the crenalated shadow of the building we are on against the piazza below. We went to a wine tasting at Cantucci Palazzo and saw all the huge barrels of wine. We talked with Antoinella and learned that Montepulciano has contrade or little neighborhoods with crests and symbols as does Siena. Instead of the Palio (horse races), they have a contest in August where two men from each contrada roll a wine barrel up an inclined street in town for 1.8 kilometers. The festa or party lasts for ten days. We are in Cagnano or the dog contrada.
Tonight we had dinner, family style, at a wonderful, casual restaurant know for its steaks. Jack had a huge T-bone, and we shared a table with a family from Torino or Turin. The parents were both doctors, and their daughter was fourteen and helped to translate. Between my faulty Italian, Richard’s Spanish, and their limited English, we had lively conversations and a wonderful evening. The restaurant is Osteria Aquacheta in Via del Teatro. Before dinner, we saw beautiful panoramas below the city.









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I'm a reader, writer, swimmer, and school librarian. I love my summers so I can travel.
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