Villa d’Este gardens: Arrivamo a Montepulciano!

We wisely rented our car from the Rome Sheraton, which is right by the ring road, so we didn’t have to navigate the narrow cobblestone streets or crazy Roman traffic. That said, on the way out, I went right over a pointed curb! Our car is an upgrade because most of the cars are standard, and we didn’t want to have to remember to shift. It’s Volvo and drives like a dream. We rode out to Tivoli to see the gardens at Villa d’Este. Richard and Jack had never been. I haven’t been since our 1982 backpacking Let’s Go trip with Helen and Betsy. I was disappointed you can no longer walk between the bell and under the waterfall as we did then. Of course, I remember it being slippery. Then we got on the autostrade and drove in no time to Montepulciano. Maria welcomed us to our wonderful apartment! More later. Andiamo al cena. Oh, the views out my windows. Is it real? This is a place that is even better than I imagined.











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I'm a reader, writer, swimmer, and school librarian. I love my summers so I can travel.
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2 Responses to Villa d’Este gardens: Arrivamo a Montepulciano!

  1. Glad you made it safely out of Rome! How was the driving? Your apartment looks beautiful, and how fun to stay in a town where you can promenade with the locals in the evenings! Love traveling along via your blog.

    • ssteven2 says:

      Yes, we made it! I have always wanted to stay here since we viewed it from the road on the way to meet you and Chuck at your Agriturismo. I’ll add more about our driving adventures on the blog. I can’t believe the views! Wonderful hill town.

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