Farre Spesa in Campo di Fiori and Ancient Rome

I love going to morning markets. This morning we went to Campo di Fiori when they were still setting up. My shopping Italian is excellent.We’ve never seen Piazza Navona so empty as it was this morning. I bought zucchini flowers to fry. This time I know to cut off the stems and to use a lighter dusting of flour (farina).



Next our private guided tour of the Roman Forum, the Colosseum, and Palantine Hill. I hope Cristina’s good. She comes Rick Steves’ recommended.

Cristina was fabulous. She showed us all around and explained the history and events with great details. She studied archeology and has a strong background. We took a three-hour tour, but it was very hot, but fascinating. One really interesting thing we learned was that at the beginning of the 1800s, only 50,000 people lived in Rome. It was a small town. Also, we learned that although Cristina and one of our taxi drivers said that Mussolini was “pazzo” or crazy, he also did a lot of good for Rome. He built many new roads to the Colosseum, although he did remove an ancient fountain, thinking that Hitler would come see him with a grand parade. But Hitler never came. Cristina say they call this the dry mouth, when you prepare for something and it never happens. Mussolini also helped the economy and the jobs situation, which they were thankful for. So, he’s popular in Rome but not outside of Rome.

We ate lunch and then were going to go see San Clemente, but it was closed until three.
The restaurant right outside our apartment door, Ristorante di Montevecchio, is supposed to be very good. It’s closed tonight, so we’ll go tomorrow, our final night in Rome. We want to go to Tivoli but are going to wait until we get the car on Wednesday.








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1 Response to Farre Spesa in Campo di Fiori and Ancient Rome

  1. Jana Kennon says:

    Sara–The market is amazing–so many gorgeous looking things to cook and eat! I went back and saw your other post about zucchini blossoms–when you made them, and I did NOT think they looked at all like fried rats! They were lovely! I just had them for the first time in NYC last week, at an Italian restaurant, and the stems were left on. I loved them, and ate the stems as well. Anyway, be sure to let us know how they turn out this time around! It’s so wonderful to have a kitchen when you have access to such amazing food!

    The photos from your tour are so great–love the one with the three of you at the Colosseum–wow! what an amazing feat of architecture it is. Sounds like a great day!

    Love, Jana

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