In Treno e L’ultima notte

Well, I had a little adventure this morning. I’m riding the train to Florence, and the old man across from me, (ends up he’s my age! In my head, I think I’m younger than I am) Stefano, and I are having a great conversation, totally in Italian. He knows no English. So, I’m feeling so proud of myself, but he keeps talking about Venice. Suddenly it dawns on me what he’s saying. He keeps saying he’s “libera,” which means ‘free’ and that he can come to Venice with me, and we can go out this evening! So, then I say, “No, sono sposata,” and point to my wedding ring. He says, “Non ce problema,” but I finally keep saying “No, non grazie,” and he settles for buying me a panino at the train station in Florence and helping me load my HEAVY (molto pesante) suitcase onto the next train.

On the next train, I start reviewing all the pictures from this trip on my ipad, and seeing the photos of Caroline makes me remember how much fun we had and how much I miss her. And then I’m missing Richard and Jack and I’m feeling really homesick! I also start counting the days and realize I’ll be home just a day short of having been gone for seven weeks, not six. So, it’s been a long, strange, and wonderful adventure, but I am ready to go home. Just wish I could click my heels and not have to ride three planes for twenty hours tomorrow, but soon, very soon, I’ll be home.

And, just because staying at this airport hotel is too depressing, this evening I’ll take the bus in to Venice, as Caroline and I did before she left, and have one more spritz on the Grand Canal. I also got a tip from the concierge about how NOT to miss the stop before the airport. Once you get to the airport, the taxis charge you 20 Euros to drive back to the hotel, even though it’s very close, but no sidewalks.

Pui tardi: The best part of my evening in Venice was when I texted a photo of my spritz on the Grand Canal to Richard, Caroline, and Jack, and they all immediately responded. It was as if they were with me! Can’t wait to see my family again. Here are some final pictures from my last night in Venice. I got off at the right stop, so I didn’t get ripped off by a taxi driver.

Good night, Venice. Good night, Italy. Good night, moon.







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I'm a reader, writer, swimmer, and school librarian. I love my summers so I can travel.
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