Che Cosa hai fatto di bello?

This is one of my favorite Italian questions. It means: What beautiful thing did you do? They love to use the word Bella often. Well, I made 28 out of 30 on my final exam, which is a solid A. I knew exactly what I’d missed. I would have done much worse if there had been an oral section, but if I can read and write, I can go more slowly and think things through. Speaking, when I hesitate, I just feel stupid and then get it all wrong. On the other hand, I’m getting better and want to return next summer. I tell everyone: “Volgio ritornare prossima estate.” So, we’ll see. Even though I love this apartment, I know Richard would hit his head on all the arches and the doorway to our bedroom and even the doorway to the bathroom. We’ll see.

Today we had our last conversation class with Frederica. Here we are together. She’s an excellent teacher because she has a great sense of humor, which really helps you to understand what you’re unclear on. She never has to resort to English, but she still is able to check for understanding. She’s just a natural, and she writes the new words for us, which is helpful. We mainly just talk to her, which is fun.
Tonight I’m going out for a drink with Sallar and Jordan, and then I need to pack. They leave tomorrow morning, and then I have to move to their room after my last class so that my apartment can be cleaned. I take the train to Venice Wednesday and then fly to Texas early Thursday morning. I am happy to go home but also sad. I just really love this country.





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I'm a reader, writer, swimmer, and school librarian. I love my summers so I can travel.
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