Questa Sera

I was doing laundry this afternoon in a little common room outside my apartment, and I locked myself out of my apartment! This has been my greatest fear. In fact, I’ve been positively OCD about checking to make sure I have my key each time I leave the apartment. So, here I was, in shorts and barefoot with no money, no phone. I had a short panic attack, and then an Egyptian student (his name means Spring in Egyptian, but I’ve forgotten it) opened his door, emailed and called the owner, and I only had to wait about thirty minutes. The Egyptian would not let me sit on the steps and stopped what he was doing to wait with me until Germana arrived to let me in. I feel so lucky.

This afternoon I decided to be a tourist in my new home town. I checked out two different parts of town today. Perugia perches on top of the hill and spreads like an amoeba or star with five points. I went down Corso Garibaldi to the Tempio Sant’Angelo, the oldest church in Umbria. It reminds me of the churches in Ravenna, round with Roman columns inside. Then I walked to the top of the Porta di Sant’ Angelo for a great view. Walking home, I found the old aqueduct that used to carry water to the Fontana Maggiore in the main piazza. Now it’s a footpath that converges with the Via Appia. That’s right, the Appian Way. It’s amazing to me how everything is so old and has so much history, that it seems almost commonplace.
I ate in tonight, since I’m alone, but I’ve figured out a way to get together with my young student friends in the evenings. I will have them over for cena! I ran into Tyler, one of the American kids, walking back this evening, and I said I was cooking in and that I’d have to have him over some time; he said he’d love it. So, that’s my new plan. I like Tyler and a young woman named Kate, who is a graduate student in comparative literature at Berkley and who went to Yale. She’s rather shy but so smart and picks up everything so quickly. I like sitting next to her.
Enjoy the photos. Oh, the three-story orange building is the old Palazzo Galenga, now my school, the Unversita per Stranieri.








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I'm a reader, writer, swimmer, and school librarian. I love my summers so I can travel.
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2 Responses to Questa Sera

  1. Hey Sara, I’m really enjoying traveling along with you. How much longer do you have in Italy?

  2. ssteven2 says:

    Two whole weeks alone, but I’m actually feeling good about that now. I have my classmates, my routines, and I just love this hilltown. I do wish Richard had come, though. Plus, he could have helped me with the grammar! But I really want to return next summer to learn more. I’d also like to hire an Italian graduate student at UT to meet with me every once in a while at Cafe Medici to practice Italian conversation. Do you want to join us?

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