Miercoli Mattina

This is the sight I wake to each morning. I forget I’m here, I wake up with the light, or the noise of the street cleaning truck, and then look up at my ceiling. When I get out of the pool, and look at the houses and the hills below, I get a thrill of recognition. I’m in Italy! When I walk down the streets to and from class, I look up at the narrow stone houses, and think, I’m in Italy. My favorite moments are when I walk down my street in the late afternoon and hear the woman practicing her opera singing with the windows open, and the piano accompanying her. At first I thought it must be a recording, but it’s real. And I never get tired of the view of Assisi in the distance.

Charlotte takes four trains to the Cinque Terre today. She’s staying in Monterosso al Mare, the fifth town with the best beach and the most action. I’m a little afraid of being alone for two weeks. I have my classes and my routines, and this town is so small, I keep running into people I’ve met. For instance, there’s the professor from Clemson, Tom, and we’ve run into him the last four nights! It’s gotten to be a joke. I’m also including photos of two street sweepers. It’s amazing to me that their brooms are made with real twigs. Charlotte and I figured that if the people started disposing their trash properly, so many people would be out of work. Oh, and the most obvious example of plural masculine noun: spaghetti!
Charlotte and I had our last cappuccino together at Caffe Turreno, and Charlotte said goodbye to our barrista, Patrizia. She’s actually from Argentina, and so she and Charlotte can speak Spanish together. This morning Patrizia helped me with my homework. Class doesn’t start until 10 am today.
Buon viaggio, la mia cugina, Carlotta. A Siena questa fin di settimana.








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I'm a reader, writer, swimmer, and school librarian. I love my summers so I can travel.
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