Il Picolo mondo

What a small world. I went to Caffe Turreno for my morning cappuccino and to study, when a young, cute guy came in. I looked at his running shoes and said, “Americano?” I told him I could tell because he wasn’t wearing pink or yellow pants. Anyway, we have coffee together and it ends up that his Uncle George is George Grayson, who went to Vanderbilt with me. Beth, I am writing this entry for you. You must forward this to George. Caroline, I really wish you were still here because you would have loved meeting him. Billie’s been studying Italian at the intermediate level for six weeks at the other language school and plays basketball with Tyler, another guy in my language class. Perugia is a small town.

Confetti and graffiti: Now that I’m learning Italian, I’m having these “aha” moments about the language. Confetti and graffiti are plural masculine Italian words. Also, I was wondering about how the dels change in Italian. For instance, why is it Via Dei Gatti? Now I know: Gatti is plural for gatto (cat), and so the article before it has to be plural masculine. Anyway, it’s che interessante!

Spazzatura update: I could close my window last night, which is a good thing, because people were partying until at least 3 am. I was watching from the window, and a car honked, just a small beep, at some pedestrians. They shot him the double finger, even a woman, and several men actually kicked his car! This morning I look out the window to all this trash on the street. They really need a “Don’t Mess with Perugia” campaign here. Still, the street cleaning truck comes by every morning about 7:30 am, and whatever he misses is swept up by the man in the neon yellow vest who uses a broom made of twigs. Still, it would be nice if they didn’t litter in the first place.
Must study. Class in one hour, and I haven’t done my homework.






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I'm a reader, writer, swimmer, and school librarian. I love my summers so I can travel.
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