I Miei amici Greci

My two Greek friends, Savas and Mikhalis, moved up to the higher class, but we can still visit during breaks. I just follow the cigarette smoke. Today I bought an International Herald Tribune, and the cover story was about a right wing group threatening immigrants in Greece. Then we started talking about Obama. They said, “Yeah, but he hasn’t done anything. And then his Nobel Peace prize! What a joke. He gets a peace prize and then he sends more troops to Afghanistan.”
Well, all I could say was that he’s better than Romney. It’s so interesting how people from other countries know so much about ours. Allora, ci sono miei amici Greci:

After class Charlotte and I went to Assisi by train to visit Nila. She was so fun and friendly. Charlotte is great with languages and is already conversing in Italian better than I am. I’m at that place where I’m realizing how difficult and complicated it is, and I’m starting to hesitate before I say every word, wondering what tense, what conjugation, what number, what gender…. but I need to just relax and make mistakes, which I make ALL THE TIME. And even when I get the word right, the pronunciation makes it sound like something else. And even their double Ns, such as in “anni” for years, is pronounced differently.
I asked Nila to tell her story, about how she came from the Ukraine to Italy, how she learned Italian and English and all about wine. She actually studied the history of the Balkans and got a Phd. in the Ukraine. She grew up near Poland near Lvov. Nila had a child when she was young, who is now 29, and that daughter has a five-year old daughter, so Nila is a Nonna or grandmother. She and her second husband, Mauro, have been married twelve years. He is an architect from Fuligno. Nila poured us a glass of wine and proseco for Charlotte, and she refused to let us pay for it. She just wants Charlotte to write a positive review on Trip Advisor. Bibenda, her place, is number 1 on Trip Advisor for Assisi. Is it any wonder? Ciao.



About ssteven2

I'm a reader, writer, swimmer, and school librarian. I love my summers so I can travel.
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