Full circle: Venice and Caroline departs

We rode two trains up here and spent our last evening together wandering around our favorite parts of Venice and sitting at our favorite spot on the Grand Canal. And we found the PERFECT gift for Jack. It’s actually a replacement for a toy he bought here in 2005. We haven’t seen one since then, and we were so excited. Below, Jack, are photos of Pablo!

Charlotte arrived just before we had to leave for the train station. She’s already made a friend, Cheryl, and they’d already discovered one of my favorite restaurants on their own their first night. It’s L’Argentino, the one with the beautiful view of my school.

I can’t believe I’m just now halfway through my Italian adventure. I’m really enjoying my classes. The teachers speak only Italian. My favorite class is the conversation class, where she just goes around the room, asking questions, and we have to respond in Italian. I’m so much better at understanding than I am at speaking. I just need more confidence, but the pronunciation is difficult, and all the different articles, endings, conjugations, etc. During the pausa, my young Greek friends, Savas and Mikalis, smoke cigarettes with most everyone else, and we practice speaking Italian. We try not to speak English, but they all know more English than Italian, and it’s so easy to fall into English.

Oh, the fast train from Florence to Venice took only two hours. It is called Frecciargento, and I figured out what that means: Silver streak. It is so smooth, you hardly feel as if you are moving.




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I'm a reader, writer, swimmer, and school librarian. I love my summers so I can travel.
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  1. Pablo is so handsome!!!!! what a stud

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