Perugia: Venerdi

Today got to sleep in. Conversation class was only from only 10 until noon, and now it’s fin de settimana. Caroline takes a solo trip to Assisi to see Nila and Francesco. Last night we went to Osteria del Gufo (owl) for dinner. It was in a different, quieter part of town. I loved seeing this group outside at a table.
Richard, check out this Vespa. It’s actually not a Vespa. It’s in a garage I pass on my way to school. The guy in my class from Montenegro critiques my pronunciation. He says I speak Italian with an American accent. Duh! During our breaks I sit with the Greek guys who all smoke, and we practice speaking Italian.
Anyway, I’m paying close attention and understanding most of it. Today we talked about why the bread in Perugia, in all of Umbria is so bland. In 1500, Il Papa (the Pope) took over Perugia, and to pay for his building program (he basically built over the old city), he instituted a salt tax. Rather than use salt in their bread, the Perugians defied the new tax and made their bread without salt. And they still do! even though they admit it doesn’t taste as good. Can you imagine? 600 years later and they’re still standing their ground. When I walk the streets, I just feel so happy and grateful to be here.






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I'm a reader, writer, swimmer, and school librarian. I love my summers so I can travel.
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  1. I love hearing about your experiences. Please keep posting!

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