Piscina di Perugia

I found the pool. It’s wonderful and so close to our apartment. You walk a few blocks to a series of outdoor escalators and ride them down. The pool is right there. It’s an excellent pool. I swam my laps which felt so good, and Caroline made use of the solarium.

A guy in my lane spoke only Italian, but we were able to have a conversation because after only two days (10 hours!) of classes, I have really improved. We talked about Texas and the heat and where we’d been (he’s going to Sirolo for vacation in August) and why I was here. And then he asked if I was “singolo!” He wanted to know if I was single, so I said, “No, No” and pointed to my wedding ring (which I even wear swimming) and said my “marito” was in Texas. It really is a beautiful pool with a cover in which they can take the panels off for the sun to get through. There were nice showers and changing rooms, and everyone, even men, is required to wear a cap. They have lap lanes all day long, so that was great. It was very clean and smooth because of the “limitless” margins.

Today two hours of class were only conversation. Our teacher “interviewed” each of us and made us talk to her. She’s really funny and Italian, and it’s amazing how much I understood. I felt proud to be in Group B because we are considered at a higher level, although most people have studied more than I have. Still, I have so much trouble remembering everything. But I’m really so happy to be here. I feel like in just six days I am becoming a native. I’m glad I found the pool because I will have a routine after Caroline leaves. Tomorrow I only have class for two hours and then it’s “fin de settimana!” or weekend. C. and I are taking the train together to Venice, staying right by the airport, and then she flies home Sunday morning, and I will take the train back to Perugia. My cousin Charlotte arrives late on Friday evening, just in time for the Umbrian Jazz Festival, which is a big deal. We can see many musicians coming into town with their instruments. Even Sting will be here!
Today I have no photos, so I’ll just post the Giornali stand. Every town and city in Italy has so many Giornali or newspaper/magazine stands, Tabacchi (Tobacco shops, which also sell francobolli – stamps) and cafes which serve coffee but also liquor at any time of the day. I worry that if ereaders catch on, the Giornali stands will disappear. Anyway, here’s one near my school.

I will close with a sentence I learned today:
Faccio la bibliotecaia in una scoala media.
Can you figure it out?



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I'm a reader, writer, swimmer, and school librarian. I love my summers so I can travel.
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3 Responses to Piscina di Perugia

  1. Sandra Martin says:

    I think it says “I am a librarian at a middle school” – is that right? I’m loving reading about your adventure in Italy, and seeing the photos, and I’m so proud that you’ve improved so much in only a few days! Have completed all the paper work for my position at O.Henry, and have been told to report for work on August 7! See you then, but hopefully before! love, Sandra P.S. Did I tell you that Ali has moved back to Austin, and is now working at Asti? She’s living with us until she saves enough for her own place and a car loan. We’re excited she’s back….

  2. ssteven2 says:

    Si! Lei parla italiano molto bene! That’s great news about your job and about Ali. I’ll have to go there often when I miss Italian food. Hope I don’t get mixed up and order in Italian. I can’t believe you start August 7?! That’s crazy because we don’t start until August 20! I will check with Pete and Georgia about that. Georgia is the admin. at O. Henry.

    • Sandra Martin says:

      I know, Sara, I thought that was early! But I asked the HR person a couple of times about it because I thought it was too early, but they kept saying it was the 7th! Let me know what you find out about it. Will be thinking about you tomorrow when Kurt and I go to see Woody Allen’s new film, “To Rome with Love” – can’t wait! You’ll enjoy it because I hear there is a relatively good amount of Italian in it. So happy you found a beautiful pool to do your laps in.

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