Perugia: Martedi

I was all ready for five hours of class today, plus a two hour lab, but when I got to the school ( buildings spread around the town), a Japanese woman and I were the only ones there. We knocked and rang. We went around the corner and found out that today is a holiday! So Italian! So, I have a day off. And best of all, it’s not hot today. This town is growing on me. I think we were a little depressed here on Sunday because it was so hot and everything was closed. Yesterday, we went to the national museum and saw all kinds of medieval and Renaissance art. Their most famous artist is Vannucci ( the main street is named for him), but they usually refer to him as Perugino, as if we referred to Stevie Ray Vaughn, as Austinite. He is most famous for being Raphael’s teacher. There is a little church here, San Severo,  where we entered a chapel with a fresco in which the top part is painted by Raphael and the bottom half by Perugino. I’ll add some more photos.
The one with the building at the end of the street is our door and building. We are on the second floor. The interior shot is of my bedroom, and the ristorante shot is Da Nana.
Last night we came home and the AC was dripping water, so now we will turn it off when we are not in the apartment. We ate at a great place that Letizia recommended: Da Nana, on Corso Cavour near the San Pietro arch. Today we could take a side trip or just continue to explore our town.








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I'm a reader, writer, swimmer, and school librarian. I love my summers so I can travel.
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