Assisi: Day trip to Gubbio

This sight greeted us as we returned from our Gubbio day trip. Assisi is so beautiful. We are returning tonight to have a glass of wine with Nila, our new friend who gave us a wine tasting at her Enotecca last night. Tomorrow we drive to Perugia and move into our apartment at 4 pm. The first thing we will do is find a lavanderia!

This boar shot is for you, Richard. Remember the one with the cigarette sticking out of its snout in Volterra?

Another pensive shot of Caroline overlooking Gubbio from the Palazzo dei Consoli.

This is the hilltown of Gubbio. It was so hot today that it was almost completely deserted except for hundreds of day camp kids going to ride the funicular. This is the Palazzo dei Consoli, which houses an interesting museum. Below are the medieval toilets. Dad would have loved that!

An “artistic” shot of my early evening spritz from Assisi. It got up to 36 degrees  Celsius today. That’s 97, but as our car climbed back to our mountain retreat, the temperature dropped to 90. We keep our windows of our room shut, and without AC, it’s not too hot for our pausa/riposo. At night it’s a little bit cool, and we open the windows again.

Do you know the way to San Francesco? Once again, two routes lead to the same destination.


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I'm a reader, writer, swimmer, and school librarian. I love my summers so I can travel.
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