A Room with a View over Assisi

Unbelievable day. Once again, a miracle we found the place, with th help of strangers and our guardian angel. Caroline was an extraordinary co-pilot, reading the map and spotting signs I missed in my vigilance. Alla Madonna del Piatto (of the plate) is a tiny agriturismo farmhouse B&B about five miles of white road over Assisi. It is so amazingly quiet and such a beautiful view. You can see Assisi and then even Perugia in the distance. Letizia, the owner, is absolutely charming. Here are some photos. I could entertain you with tales. First, I always keep my parking garage tickets over my sun visor, so I don’t lose them. Well, you can’t GET INTO the parking garage without a ticket. So, we had to call out to this Frenchman to please let us in the gate. Then, when we inserted our ticket to get out, it was rejected, and we had to go in and run up three flights of stairs to find the tiny little cash machine in order to pay. Caroline even tried to lift the barrier, to no avail. Anyway, we just had a taste of Assisi this evening. Will see more of it tomorrow. We love our place. Letizia tells us to be sure to look at the stars and fireflies as it grows darker.

About ssteven2

I'm a reader, writer, swimmer, and school librarian. I love my summers so I can travel.
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