Oggi andiamo a Verona

Here is a souvenir we found for Richard. If you can’t make out what it is, it’s several pigs dressed up in a gondola, peppered with blue glitter. Perfetto!

Yesterday we took the vaporetto to Lido and went to the spiaggia libera (free beach). The sea was the color of Coca-Cola bottle sea glass, but it was as warm as a bathtub at the margins. At ten we leave our apartment and take the train to Verona. Depending on which train we get (they leave often), it will take from an hour and ten minutes to two hours and thirty minutes, but we are fine any way we get there.

Random observations: People talk on their cell phones while standing at their windows, apparently to get better reception or just to observe the street scene. I can’t believe all the people who walk down busy streets smoking cigarettes in the extreme heat of the day. There aren’t many children, but they are darling on their little scooters. Travel tip: Order your cappuccino “al banco” (at the bar) and it’s half price. You have to stand or sit at a stool, but you get to observe more locals.


About ssteven2

I'm a reader, writer, swimmer, and school librarian. I love my summers so I can travel.
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