Venezia e’ un labarinto!

It’s not just me. This city is so confusing. Got lost twice today over by L’Accademia in Dorsoduro sestiere. Once asking directions, I said Venice was a maze, and the woman said it was un labarinto, a labyrinth. Yes! Okay, which way would you go if you came to this sign? Still, Venice has its surprises. We were walking home from dinner at La Zucca (the pumpkin), a delicious restaurant in the Santa Croce district, and came to the Campo San Giacomo dell’Orio. We heard orchestra music from a loud speaker on a tripod and then we saw these dancers. Italy is like that. We love that campo. There are families out, and the children throw paper airplanes and ride their little scooters.


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I'm a reader, writer, swimmer, and school librarian. I love my summers so I can travel.
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2 Responses to Venezia e’ un labarinto!

  1. Shelley says:

    I think it means you can go left down stairs or turn right and continue at street level. Was I right? Saw a friend yesterday who just returned from Tuscany and recommends this butchershop/restaurant if you are in the area of Panzano – Dario Cecchini::Antica Macelleria Cecchini. If you Google “Dario butcher Panzano” you pull up a uTube with Anthony Bourdin. At least watch that!

  2. ssteven2 says:

    Well, it does seem like you could go either way, but the arrow to the left did not lead down but to several narrow alleys. We decided to turn back. When in doubt, follow the tourist hordes, or ask directions. Thanks for the travel tip. I will have to look up Panzano on a map.

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